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Dis-gust-ing August 4, 2008

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That is what teenage boys are.


Set Up: *Son takes a piece of “pig ear alternative” off a corner and puts it in his mouth*

Son: Better than dog treat. Not too bad actually.
Me: *make face and almost gag*
Son: I’ll go over here so you don’t have to see…

The enigmatic “they” were right when THEY said “Teenagers will eat anything!”


A few minutes later…

Son: Is that yummy? *directed towards dog who is eating the rest of the ear*
Son: I thought so too.




1. sweetiegirlz - August 4, 2008

Are you not feeding this boy??? 😉 yep, don’t forget teenage gurlz. My 20 year old used to eat whole boxes of frosted mini-wheats in one sitting.

2. L - August 5, 2008

What? *I* am suppose to feed him? OOooooooh, that’s what’s wrong, huh? 😉

And you cannot be serious. My little girl will one day eat anything does not move too? Nnnooooooo……….

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