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Sunday Songs 8 with Ramblings August 3, 2008

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Last night I had to pop a benny before bed again. (benny = allergy medication) They kick my butt! I asked the doctor about it once and he said I get hung over from them. That really confused me. See, I use to drink alcohol and I did not get hung over. So, thinking one little allergy pill knocks me out and causes a hang over was mind boggling! Seriously. In my years, this ol’ body of mine has been through a lot with no next day effects… until the benny.

Anyhow, last night I took one before bed. I woke up over night and was still swelling. So, I took another. This morning Daughter comes in to wake me up so we’re not late for church. (She’s a morning person.) I explain the situation to her and she informs me I am still swollen. Great. Then I pass out fall back asleep. Hubby wakes me up a bit later and informs me that he is taking the children to church and that I feel warm. I am simply beyond pleased that he is taking the children to church! (Seriously. That was not sarcastic. I really was pleased.) They leave and I fall asleep again. I wake up just before service starts, wander out to the computer and attend service on-line. (Way cool! I get to see/hear the same thing, only I’m home, puffy, and in my jammies.)

I have not checked the pollens, but whatever it is I am reacting to I am ready for it to go away. I am running a slight fever, but have been off and on for a while now. No other signs of illness. Just a low grade fever and tired a bit more than usual. For a lazy gal such as me though, I cannot afford to be tired more often. 😉

Anyhow, service was great – as usual – and gave me much to consider.

Tonight should be HT, but I don’t know if it will be or not. I want to go and I don’t want to go. I miss my friends and would like to get together. But if they don’t have HT tonight, I have some ribs thawed out that will make a nice dinner. See my dilemma? lol

I suppose either way – friends or ribs – laundry will still have to be done. And if you know me, you know I work better with music. I think today, I’ll start off a little Red.
Allow me to share one of their songs with you now…

Let Go
By: Red

You know, I was going to just post that song for today, but I really feel like mixing it up a bit. So, here is another video by a different band. This should really get you moving too. Either that or you’ll sit there with mouth hanging open thinking “WHAT was THAT?!?”

Never Let Me Go
By: Family Force 5



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