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Invitation July 22, 2008

Posted by L in Friends.
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So there is this person that I kind of know. She is in an iffy situation. I had noticed a pattern that had me a bit concerned. Recently, it seems she may be noticing this pattern too.

When I first noticed it, I told my Hubby about it. See, I want her to leave her man, but that is in complete conflict with my belief of marriage basically being “until death do you part”.
I recently went through a separation with my own husband and was ready for the divorce on his say so. Things worked out for us though… I mean, we still have our “not so good times”, but I think that is normal. He still has his faults, and they big… and they return often. I however have none (okay, I do, but then I’d have to take responsibility for that and I’m not willing to do that in this post. haha).

Seriously though, although he has big faults so do I. However, I do think there are lines even in the “for better or for worse” and the “until death do you part.” Adultery and abuse come to mind. These things can be forgiven and worked through though if both parties are willing to continuously work through it with the aid of outside help. When there is danger though or children involved, the rules change.
Also, when a non-believer wants to leave, let them go.
Yes, God hates divorce. I know. I read this too. He also says if the non-believer wants out, they are not bound. It sets the believer free too.

Anyhow, I think I was starting to preach there when I already have those lessons on the other blog.

Back to my friend. I was telling my husband about how I just want to reach out to her, move her and her girls here, help her get set up, help her to start over without her man. I also told my husband about how I, at the same time, want to see things work out, am not sure I should be encouraging separation or divorce, and how I don’t know if it’s what I should be doing.
I told him what I could about her situation. He said she needs to get out of there.

Time passed. I thought she was trying to remind her self of how hard it is out there on your own. I thought she was trying to talk herself into staying.
Then she says something that makes me think she is starting to see the pattern that I saw a while back. Maybe she has always seen it.
She does not live near me and although I know her, I am not sure I know her well enough to say “Move here. I’m poor, but will help you the best I can. I will send applications, there is a school where you can continue your education if you want, I’ll tell which schools are good for the children….”

I want to help this person so badly. I’ve met a lot of people who are in bad situations. I’ve wanted to help them too, but not to the point of showing them around in a new place to live. I don’t know if this is self wanting to help, or the Lord placing this family heavily on my heart.

It’s a hard place to be…
…sitting on the sidelines watching the pain of another.
…wanting to help but not sure how to go about it
……………………….or even it if it is what you should be doing.

The best I can do is pray for this family.
….and maybe find a way to let her know that if she choose to leave (or gets told to leave), there is a place to go that is safer than the place she went the last time…



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