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Sunday Songs 6 July 21, 2008

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I know I’m a day late…. AGAIN.
But, here it is!

First, though, let me just point out that it is 8:17am Monday morning and I am listening to music loud enough that the neighbors might be dancing in their yard!
Just sayin’…

More on that later (if I remember).

Sunday was crazy busy here.
First there was getting son ready for camp. Followed by shopping, church, home, packing, more shopping, packing, leaving, heading back home for the forgotten item, back out again, home to finish packing with daughter, getting her ready and off to bed, snuck in a movie that needs to be returned today, worked on something son asked me to work on when he left, brushed teeth, moved daughter to her bed, collapsed in my bed and woke several times making sure that I did not over sleep. *deep breath*

Now here I am. Monday morning doing Sunday Songs.

I know, “Which song, which song?”

Well, there was the youtube video that was shown in church yesterday; it wasn’t a music video. I’ll share that one (have tissue near by) and follow with a song.
Yes, I did say a youtube video was shown in church
.  By the way, you are welcome to attend. There is a service at 11:00am if you are not a morning person, or 5:00pm if you are busy Sunday morning.

Anyhow, this is the video

Logan, the Sky Angel Cowboy
A FrankLozano.com Production

Well now. How do you follow that?
Hmmm, how about with this…

Came to my Rescue
By: Hillsong United



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