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Free Stuff Link July 16, 2008

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Not long ago Sweetiegirlz posted an entry talking about free stuff. She even gave a link so that others may get some goodies as well.

In my comment I said I would post a link to freebies too.

So, I am keeping my word and sharing a link

Free Stuff from WalMart

You can sign up for free samples.

Also, you can download a free song. Yup, it’s true. They pick out the song for the download. The song changes but I’m not sure how often. (weekly maybe?) It’s a nice way to slowly build your music library up with a bit of variety and possibly learn about some new artists. *shrugs* Plus it’s free.
I just go there whenever I remember. And there is a new song each time I remember to check. lol

(SideNote: To get the song you may have to use “the big blue e” [aka Internet Explorer]. Just letting you know in case you use a different browser.)

They also have trial stuff. I’m not really into them so I can’t tell you much about it.
See, I have issues with giving my info for “trying” something…. plus I often forget to “cancel my trial” in time. So, I just don’t do it unless it’s something that I really am considering keeping.

So, there you have it. My free link share.

Now I’m off to download a new song by some unknown (to me) artist.



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