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Sunday Songs 5 July 14, 2008

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Yesterday (Sunday) I got so busy with life I failed to post Sunday Songs. Oh sure, I posted about my disagreement with Hubby, but no videos. I went to church, I looked up songs, I drove to some property that I want to buy but so far cannot, talked to Hubby for the first time in probably weeks (both serious and not), but I did not post music. I left a few comments on other blogs, I saw my friend has returned from her camping trip (Welcome Home), I finished the episodes I have on disk of that show I like, grilled out for supper, but no youtube posted here yesterday.

I could just back date this entry and none will be the wiser, but honestly, I already types all that up there *points to the paragraph above this one* and don’t feel like deleting it. Besides, that would be dishonest…. wouldn’t it? Well, even if it is just a matter of changing the publishing date, I’ll just go with it being a day late. It early (for me) and I am not awake enough to rethink this post.

Of course, maybe it’s not late. Maybe this is song is meant to be heard by someone today. Maybe even you…

True Love
By: Phil Wickham



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