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Welcome Home July 10, 2008

Posted by L in Life.

A long time ago another blogger had virtually everyone over.
By that I mean, she posted pictures of her home, making lemonade, and just had “company”. I stopped by but hung out in silence and left quietly (translation: I was posting a comment and lost electricity… I never went back to post the comment).

Anyhow, in a like way, I am showing you around the area that I live. No, I’m not showing off my old house or making anything for you from scratch. I’m just not that good of a hostess.

I will however give you a tour of the area and tell you that it’s not a bad place to live, to retire, or to start over with your children or alone.

See, we have a lovely college that offers many different programs. They offer a nursing program and welding certification. They offer much more than that, of course. I picked those two to show you the range that is offered here.

Why is that so amazing? Well, where I live is far from the city. Oh, you can go to a “big city” if you want. It’s just a couple of hours of away. Between here and there you will pass through many little towns and get in a lot of scenery.

But don’t worry, we still have our fast food restaurants as well as “sit down places”.

We even have gas stations that offer more than gas.

There is not really a lot for the young to do. You can go to the movies, play miniature golf, go to the youth center, the park, blowling or hang out with friends. If you are the out doors type though, you can add camping, swimming, floating, caving, hiking and fishing.

The same pretty much holds true for the adults.

We have a lot of churches in the area. The place I attend also offers various small groups. A group meets at a friend’s house. We usually have dinner and do a little study or just visit.

Everyone is welcome.

Moving or visiting here is a culture shock. It is like stepping back in time. People smile and wave to one another. The bank tellers know your name before looking at your id. When you pay your phone bill, they ask about your family and tell you about theirs.

You can spend the day taking the sights and watching the sunset and feel more relaxed than you have in a long time.

Oh sure, we have our cloudy days, storms and small town drama.

Over all though, it’s not a bad place to raise your children.
It’s not easy for a lot of people to live here. Being a small community, job opportunities are not as abundant as in the big city. However, I believe help is more available here than you’d find in many other places. People reach out to one another, help you get set up, help you settle in, and love on you like an old friend they’ve known forever.



1. sweetiegirlz - July 10, 2008

Gahhh! Are you SURE you don’t live around the corner from me? You just pretty much described our area. I’d move anywhere there’s a sonic, Fresh lime slushies, YUM. We have a bridge just like that near us, but it’s blue.

2. L - July 10, 2008

Haha, I guess I do live around the corner from you… if around the corner is less than a day’s travel.

We do have Sonic here… When are you and the girls arriving? I’ll watch for the U-hall. šŸ˜‰

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