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Random Stuff July 10, 2008

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I recently made my first bean soup in a pot on the stove!
I’m generally not a big bean eater (unless it’s refried beans. yum), but it didn’t turn out too bad. We may even have it again! That is, if I can remember what I did.

At first, I thought it looked gross. Then I cleaned the pot up (while it was cooking), and it looked much much better.


A friend of mine has a new racing game. That is how he is spending his vacation. I’d call him childish if I wasn’t sorta envious.


A friend of mine is away this week camping with her family. She doesn’t live locally so we mainly talk via the net. Looks like this week I’ll have to rule the webaverse alone.
I hope all this imagined power does not go to my head.


We went to the library recently. I picked up a book for myself. I have been escaping into it and am hardly seen without it.


We have actually seen the man for 3 days now.
I’m not sure what else to say about this right now.


Son went to his follow up of his follow up of his follow of his doctor’s appointment for asthma when he found he had pneumonia. He finally has a ‘clean bill of health’. That’s good news.

He’s also quite sun burnt. As in, blistered. Ouch.


Daughter has started blogging. She checked her stats after her first post.
I wonder where she learned to do that…


I’ve changed the way I make salsa. I love it but I got mixed reviews from others. I should care, but instead I think “Mwahahahaha! More for me!”. Is that wrong?


I’m kind of stressed about money right now, but not too bad. I see mistakes I’ve made with the little we had and think of how I could have been more wise with it. I have seen how the Lord has taken care of us and have no doubt He will continue to do so as He sees fit. However, I still question myself… “maybe that was it and I blew it… I have no gas now because I spent money on _________.”


I finally have the 3rd season of a show I like coming to me on video. If I’m not around much over the next few days, I’m lost in the book or the show.


HK4 is over.
I think if you do not win, it would be better to come in 3rd than 2nd. To be so close…….

I wonder what job offers the 2nd place person got.
(In case you haven’t seen the final episode, I am NOT giving away any hints here).


My bowl of salsa is now empty.
If I don’t go wash it right now, I’ll end up refilling it.
I don’t need that. Although, my taste buds would disagree with that statement………



1. sweetiegirlz - July 10, 2008

If you need me, you know where to find me. AND who won HK! Tell me, I have been watching America’s got talent on Tuesdays now.

2. L - July 10, 2008

Oh, I cannot spoil it for you! Watch it online.
You can get all caught up there.
HOWEVER, if you really really just want to know, email me. I’ll give you the highlights.

3. Remmrit Bookmarking - August 19, 2008

Random Bookmarks…

Remmrit.com user has just tagged your post as random!…

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