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All Sortsa Stuff July 5, 2008

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HK4: NO WAY! Why didn’t someone TELL me that it would be a two parter?!?!
*frowns* Stop laughing at me…

Hubby: He’s been released (more details at ThatPlace) and is diving my Blazer now. He was released to drive Monday. He took off to a friend’s place Monday. He hung out (once he woke up) with us on Thursday. That’s it. He’s home to sleep then gone again. As a matter of fact, he’s getting ready to leave right now.
Yeah, feel the love?
“I’m better now. See ya.”
(Warning or Preview: More rant on that possibly coming soon)

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4th of July: We actually celebrated the 4th on the 3rd. Once everyone was finally awake and had eaten, we packed up and got ready to go. We arrived at the park later than usual, but that was okay. Son was already there at the pool. Daughter went swimming too. This left Hubby and I confused. We were at lost as to what to do without either little one there. So…. we flipped open our phones. I called my friend and he returned a call to his momma. I got off the phone first (no surprise there) and started walking (I expected him to be on the phone for an hour). I heard him talk smack about me again and then they hung up. I straightened him out and he said ok or something.
Moving on.
It rained. We got the kids from the pool (they had already made everyone get out of the water because of the lightning). We sat in the car to see if the storm would pass. Then we went to my mother’s house to wait it out. We went back to the park, got our seats set up, started eating our supper, put stuff back in the van in the rain and then sat in the van again waiting for another storm to pass.
Eventually it lightened up so we all got out again.
Daughter and I had to use the rest room, so we waited in line. Daughter used the portapotty and then came back in line to wash her hands. Just as the person in front of me came out of the windowless bathroom, the power went out. *sigh* So, I got a general idea where the toilet and tp was and did what I could in the dark. Who KNOWS what I ACTUALLY sat on or IF that was toilet paper I used, but I felt better. We opened the door to try to get some light (remember, it’s night now and the power is out) and wash our hand. Back out into the rain we went.
We stood around waiting for the fireworks. Eventually they did happen.
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I did not get my usual pictures because of the rain. There were a few really cool line type lightning strikes through the sky as the fireworks went off. They would have been the best pictures EVA!
I did however get some pictures and some video. In the video there is some lightning, but not the really cool stuff.

No Electricity: As I said, the power went out at the park. What I did not say (and don’t know if I’ll do a whole post on this by it’s self or not) is that the whole town actually lost power…. Two towns did. The one I was in and mine. Yeah, maybe some day I’ll give this it’s own post.

Whining Ends Here: Who knew this post would be so whiny?

I’m off to read other blogs now.



1. sweetiegirlz - July 5, 2008

Sorry it rained on you guys. You were really brave to be in the dark in a portapotty! I think I would pee my pants first!

2. L - July 6, 2008

lol You know, I could have. It was raining and I sat in a wet chair. No one would have noticed….

Actually, I held out for the “real” bathroom. The one with running water and hand soap. Daughter used the portapotty and had more light than me. That is, until I made her go with me to wash her hands…

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