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Sunday Songs 3 June 29, 2008

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Woohoo! I can count to three.

I love the little thingy on the side where I can have this post show when I want. Yup, it’s actually Saturday, but this shall post on Sunday and none will be the wiser……. unless you read this part. *eh-hm*

Moving on….

So the other night I was having a bit of a rough patch. Call it hormones, call it Hubby’s fault, call it whatever you want. It was a rough night.
I remembered a video I saw not long ago on youtube. I think I saw it my first “Sunday Songs” post. I know the song and was looking for the video the actual band did. I then decided against that song and went on to other music.
Well, the other night, I really wanted to watch the video not for the song as much for the video. It fit. The clips are from a movie that I really enjoy. I probably enjoy the movie a bit too much. *lop sided grin*
Anyhow, I decided it would do good for Sunday, if I remembered.

I did end up watching the movie after viewing the video several times.
Hubby and I are getting along better now. (If that does not make sense and seems random, watch the video and remember, I was really feelin it then.)

Open Wounds
By: Skillet
Movie: Mr. & Mrs. Smith



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