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This and That June 25, 2008

Posted by L in Family, Life, Random.
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I have started several times today to blog about different things.

Up until now, I have not typed a single letter on the “Write Post” page.

And now, what I do type is pure rambling.

If you’ve come for Wednesday’s Webbers, I’m afraid right now it’s not looking too good. Oh I have some to post. Three come to mind right now. But it’s not suppose to be a weekly feature…. Maybe bi-weekly? (translation: LAZY)

I’m thinking about starting a vocabulary page. I think someone *cough*Misty*cough* will visit that page often. But really, I think I’ve only got 3 words so far… Or do I have more? *thinks: “1 taken by Sweetie. 1 taken by Misty. 1 hidden in an early post* Yes, I think 3. *nods*

Son is back home. He spent the last week at Grandma’s house.
His follow up to the follow up went well. “He’s sounding good. Come back in 2 weeks.”
It took approximately 3 hours before they started fighting. Now, before you marvel at how long, let me break it down for you….
7:30 Son and his stuff get into van for 20 minute ride.
7:50 drop off Hubby
8:00 arrive at dentist.
Son and Daughter have their separate appointments.
9:45 Head to pick up Hubby and hear some bickering about how long we were actually at the dentist’s office.
9:55 Arrive at building
10:00 Do puzzle in waiting room with Son while Daughter moves from my lap to a chair with magazines.
10:30 Hubby finishes appointment forcing Son and I to quit puzzle and Daughter to put up magazine.
10:35 Load all 3 of us into the van for Son’s 10:45 follow up appointment.
10:38 Sigh because of the fighting in the van.
10:40 Go into doctor’s office and get called back right away. Relief sets in as Daughter stays with Hubby in waiting room while I go back with Son.

So in another words the 3 hours was NOT actual time spent interacting or being near each other. BUT it was 3 whole hours before they “started”.
This may be a new record.

I’ve had headaches, stomach issues, a need to spend money, a craving for a desert, lack of appetite, unable to really get full, general discontentment, teary eyed, disinterest….
I’ve heard that women who hang around each other a lot begin to have the same cycle. I did not know that included blog-friends. What’s up with that?
I’ve noticed it with one other non-3D friend. I just chalked that up to my irregularity and noticing it when it falls on the same time. But this is just getting strange!

By the way, keep the chocolate. I need peanut butter and ice cream…



1. mistyisforeverlost - June 25, 2008

you got three hours! THREE HOURS!!!!

I’m so jealous….she gets home after her first foray into freedom of sleepovers that have lasted since Saturday night and it started before they even opened the car door!

Who knew a handle had “dibs” rights *sighs*

And *looks around shyly* if you do get chocolate, can I have it? Please!!!

2. sweetiegirlz - June 26, 2008

hope it gets better for you. Peanut butter and ice cream, reeses pieces icecream? Sounds good.

3. L - June 27, 2008

Yes, Misty, you can have the chocolate. But you know I will have licked all the peanut butter and ice cream off first, right?
And yes, three hours after a week of separation… 3 hours of non-consistent-together-ness-peace. *nods as if that made sense*

Sweetie that sounds dee-lish! I was thinking Edy’s Loaded Butterfinger with it’s mmmlicious peanut butter swirl clumps. Yummy!

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