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Sunday Songs 2 June 23, 2008

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Yes, I know this is Monday. But, I picked out the song yesterday. I get points for that!

We did not get home until way past late last night. I was tired but not able to go to bed. I was in no condition to post (because of tiredness). Seriously. You can ask anyone who had a comment from me last night/this morning. I was “loopy”.

So, here I am pretending that it is yesterday trying to remember the awesome post I had in my head. Well, at least it was awesome in my mind as I was driving last night…

Let’s see. Yesterday we slept in. Went to church. Came Home. Had lunch. Waited on MIL to call. Finally called MIL. Headed over to in-laws. Stayed there for a long time. Ate. Came home. Put Daughter to bed. Got ready for bed. Tried to go to bed. Couldn’t. Blog-read & commented. Went to sleep. *takes deep breath*

This brings us to now.

Now I am making lunch, helping daughter with her home-summer-school stuff, wondering where a form I had to have filled out and sent off by today is and trying to remember the awesome post!

I guess ya’ll will just have to be stuck with this rambling mess instead.

And a song

Staring at the Light
By: The Wedding



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