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Update again June 21, 2008

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Last Wednesday I took son for his follow up visit.

Dr. W said he sounded both better and worse. Now there was wheezing. He gave us a bunch of prescriptions, sent us for x-rays, and said to come back in a week.

Son is staying at Gma’s house (it’s newer and central a/c) this week. He’s taking all his meds. He’s sounding a lot better.

At least he was…
Until today…

We (Daughter, Hubby, and myself) went over there. He started coughing when he was playing around with Daughter.

So, we’ll see what the doctor says next Wednesday.

Oh, and if that’s not enough…
They both (Daughter and Son) have appointments with the dentist Wednesday morning….



1. sweetiegirlz - June 21, 2008

whoa! Sorry to hear. tuff allergy season this year tho. That’s prolly contributing to folks misery.

They put little A on Advair and she did much better, although she hates the taste in her mouth.

Get better.

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