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Spiders June 19, 2008

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I live in a very old house. Unfortunately, the house was not well maintained.
The repairs that were going to be done while we lived here simply did not happen.
No, I don’t own the house.
I rent… from relatives.

We are thankful for the roof over our heads. I complain a lot about our current house and standard of living. I don’t actually let people come over. Even in this “shame” comes thankfulness… As odd as it sounds, I am thankful to even have a place to be ashamed of.

One of the problems (the list is long) with this house is in fact our house mates.
Sometimes I just “smash” them.
Sometimes I collect them and set them free.
I even have a special container.

Often times, for me, they are easier to catch than to kill.
Every time, I must be careful.

Our house-mates range from looking scary to being scary.

Allow me to introduce a few to you…

This one is a bit crabby.

No, it’s not a tick.
It’s a Crab Spider.

I don’t know if that’s his/her official name or not.
If it’s not, it should be.

This one seems a bit aggressive… like a crab on the beach.
Wouldn’t you be if you were a spider and a human was trying to get you pose?
“Lemme see your pinch pose. Work it, WORK IT!!!”

The Crab Spider is not the only one who likes to traipse around the house.
Oh, no. It’s not.

We have some motherly type spiders as well.
The “scary to see” kind made a visit to our nifty little bug jar recently.

She was quite amazing to watch in her motherly splendor.

I am certain here she was looking at me thinking “Where are the rest of your eyes?”

Wolf Spiders are pretty amazing actually. Did you know they carry their eggs with them? And they let their babies ride on their backs like the scorpions do! (How I know that is a whoooolllle other post!) They are big and fast but not poisonous. That does not mean I would want to get bit by one. OUCH! That would hurt!!

Another mother I would not want to get bit by is the very poisonous Black Widow Spider. No sir-ee-bob!

This little lady was found near her egg sack munching on a beetle. Being that she is so dangerous, she should have just been smooshed. However, she was in a place that made catching her easier. Not to mention, I had no desire to break her egg and have way-too-many-illion baby black widows crawling all over me. That thought makes even me shiver!

I have to admit, I think black widows are beautiful… just not in my yard, in my house, or around any people.

I managed to catch her, her food and her egg.

I think it scared her.

I took her to a field, dumped her and her egg and took off. …. QUICKLY!

She was pretty amazing to watch too. After a while in the jar she tried crawling to her egg sack. I tilted the tightly closed jar and she ran to her babies. She crawled across her food and put her hands on the sack. I thought she looked like she was checking to make sure they were okay. She seemed protective… maybe it was my imagination?

One house-mate I wish was just in my imagination is the Brown Recluse Spider.

I would be fine with this little eight-legged creature and ALL it’s relatives moving out.
Really, I would.
Seriously… It would be just fine with me if they all left.

Brown Recluses like dark places. Boxes. Old places.
And as I said, this is a very very old house. It’s not well maintained.
It’s also cluttery, junky, drafty and cracky.
(Cracks in the walls, floors, foundation and well you get the picture.)

And it is full of SPIDERS!!

Some times, I talk to them. I tell them to get out. I don’t want them as house mates anymore.
But they just don’t listen…. Well, they might listen, but they don’t move out.

Oh look… There goes one now….
And he’s not even on my blog yet…
The jumper…….

Where is my shoe?



1. sweetiegirlz - June 19, 2008

so….Spiderwoman! (that is your new name) You are much braver than I ! Great blog, super cool pictures. Me and the black widow woulda had “issues”, but you actually managed to make her look cute and motherly! wow.

So co-inky-dental too. Me and big A were standing in my kitchen talking nonchalantly about peppermint patties and a spider bolted into my pantry.

We both went EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKkkk! at the same time. I “smooshed” (love that word) it!
From your pictures, I think it was the wood spider…

2. Yikes!! « Way TMI - June 20, 2008

[…] As far as I know, they don’t even know about my blog… Therefore, they did not know spiders were on the […]

3. L - June 20, 2008

Spiderwoman? But Catwoman’s outfit is so much cooler!!
I mean, uh……

I had to laugh and tell Hubby what you said about the black widow looking motherly. (He can’t stand spiders) Thank you for the compliment on the photos! 🙂

Wood? Did you mean wolf? If you did, don’t worry, They aren’t dangerous. Just scary and painful.
I have a hard time smooshing them… they crunch *shivers*

4. Jess - Life @ 30 - July 1, 2009

Ew, ew, ewwww!!! You totally should e-mail this to Lauren. Well, maybe not…she may break her monitor. LOL

5. sara - September 15, 2010

Oh my gosh this sounds like my house… thanks for posting the pics of the spiders… i just found a little baby cranky crabby and i thought it might have been a tick at first. Have you ever had a pseudoscorpion? Put one of those in your jar with a crabby for some interesting entertainment.

6. Jessi - June 19, 2011

Are you sure wolf spiders are not poisonis, my mother said they were.I was just at my fathers house and there was a wolf spider on the floor in the livingroom and I freaked out so do you think it was a little crazzy or stupid to freak out?Im preety yong just so you know.Oh and good tips, thanks.

7. Mandie Darling Hemeon - June 23, 2011

Some wolf spiders are poisonus. Not all though. And those that have been associated with Necrotic bites have been found mostly to not actually cause it, because they were confused with a different species.

We are finding HUGE wolf spiders all over the place lately (Shelburne, NS Canada) and they freak me the eff out. I have never seen them this big until I moved here. Very clearly tarantualan. Yes, I just made up a word.

8. steve - May 3, 2013

you cray

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