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Wednesday Webbers #1 June 18, 2008

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I’ve decided to occasionally share some of the other blogs I visit. This probably won’t be a weekly thing because that would take 52 blogs to do one year. Do I visit 52 blogs? Ummmm… I don’t know and I like not knowing!

There are blogs I visit from my original blog days and some new blogs I visit. Not all them visit me (that happens when you move around or stop blogging for a while.) There are also a few blogs that I am trying out.

At the time of typing this I only have 2 blogs “blog rolled” here. One is Sweetie and the other is Frugal Dad. They will have their time in the spotlight soon. Right now though, I want to introduce a new-to-you blog. So, without further ado (and without getting sidetracked on the word ‘ado’), *turns on the spot light* let me introduce to you…

Misty of Misty Is Foreverlost (misplaced the map again!)

Misty is a friend of mine from back in the day when blogging was new to us both. She, like myself, has moved from her original site. Her current blog is mainly about a virtual world she lives and plays in mixed with a bit of rl (real life). You may not understand much of what she says if you have never spent time in that virtual world. Then again, it may intrigue you to the point you end up joining her.
In her real life inserts, you’ll read tales of scary spiders, sun bathing snakes, and life as a wife and mother of two.

I highly recommend you take time to read her blog.
Of course, being that she is a good friend of mine, she could write about the colour pink and I’d recommend it.  lol



1. mistyisforeverlost - June 18, 2008

PINK! as if

*walks away grumbling something about the color RED*

(thanks for the shout out!)

2. L - June 19, 2008

*laughs, gets out the pink spray paint and heads over to Misty’s*

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