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The Video Card Conclusion June 17, 2008

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Ok, so nobody sung along along with me yet (on Sunday’s Post). That’s fine. *sniffle*
I’m not taking down the song though. :p

Tomorrow is the doctor’s appointment, so still no update there.

Now, for the video card conclusion…
Yeah, I know you’ve been wondering…
(Thank you Sweetie for the suggestion.)

A local friend said he might have a jumper thingy if I can wait until Monday. Well, technically, I could wait until Monday. I didn’t want to, but I could…
And I did. I waited until Monday.

Monday I was “in town” (Hubby had his pt and ot) and still hadn’t heard from my friend. So, while I was in town I went hunting. No, no. I did not get out my gun and look for deer or turkey. I got out my van and looked for video or electronic stores.

After much searching and false hope, I came across a relocated computer repair store. It was not the one I was headed to, but it was on the way.
I parked. Daughter and I got out, took a deep breath, and went in. We were greeted by a gentleman who asked “Can I help you?”
I replied with “I don’t know. I hope so.”

I told him what I was looking for and he frowned in thought. With a few words, he disappeared into the back room. I stood there, unsure if I was to follow or not. After a minute or two he return with the exact piece I needed.

Side note: I did find some online so I knew how much one would cost. Most of them were cheap. As in less than shipping and handling charges. So, if I found one local that was equal to or less than what I would spend online, I would get it. With s&h, if I found one local over priced, it would probably still be about the same amount of money.

Okay, so the man came around the corner with a power cord extension cable in his hand. It was perfect!
I am sure my face reflected the relief and joy I felt. I asked how much and he said… And I quote “Nothing. You can have it.”
Daughter said “Praise the Lord!” and as I smiled I expressed my thanks!

Eventually we made it home (we had to wait for man to finish his recovery therapy).
You know it didn’t take long before I was down disconnecting and pulling out the tower.

(Another Side Note: Sorry. I forgot to take a picture of the cable.)

I installed the video card. Tested it out. The fan was loud. Hmm… Then BLACK! NNnnoooo!!!!
My monitor said there was no video feed.
I wanted to cry. Scream. Pout. Have a tempter tantrum that would make a 2 year old “Daaannng, Woman, get a grip!”

I debated with myself on card issue or monitor issue. I decided it could not be a monitor issue since the monitor was saying no feed. Well, it was less likely the monitor anyhow.
I thought about, and even began searching for tech support.
Yeah, they love those calls “Help! My screen is black!” ………….

I took the tower back out, opened it up, moved some things around, pushed somethings down, repositioned some wires, prayed, took deep breaths, put on my serious face….
put it all back together, restarted it……


I checked drivers, again.
I tentatively put the card to the test… again. Started off slow. Did everything I did before the big black-out. Still worked. I noticed the card was a LOT quieter too.

Oh yeah!

I went into a virtual world… 3D graphics… lots of work on the card….
And survived. I revisited blogs with pictures… several times.
I went back into the virtual world and “hung out” with friends.

So far, so good.

I went to a site where I watch movies… Not so good. BUT, everything else worked. So, I am chalking that up to site-issues not card-issues.

So, long-story (even though I did leave some details out) summary?
I found the part I needed (Thank you LORD!)
And it works!!!!!

Still not top of the line graphics, but oh so much the step up!

Now, if only I had new monitor……..



1. sweetiegirlz - June 17, 2008

I listened to it, L! I don’t think youtube videos show when people click on them, either. I posted a video on my last blog post. I only get the clicks for how many people have read the blog.

congrats on getting your needed part for free. that’s cool!

I still don’t know what a movie card is, so youre way ahead of me.

2. L - June 22, 2008

Thank you, Sweetie.
Did you sing along too? 😉

Really? The video didn’t show…..
I’ll have to check it out on the other computer later and see if shows there. (I see it on mine.. and it plays… )

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