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Sunday Songs and Stuff June 15, 2008

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We went to church today. It was good (as always).
You should join us. I’d love for you to come along!!

Even though we couldn’t afford it, we went out to eat at afterwards. It was a “Father’s Day Lunch”.
It was either that or buy a battery for the Blazer for him…. The buffet lunch won by default (Translation: The battery was too expensive.)

To all those good fathers out there “Happy Father’s Day!!!”
To all those bad fathers out there, well, this is not the place for the words I have for you!

Now, for a new thing…
Sunday Songs!

Yeah, I was torn between Sunday Service and Sunday Songs (what can I say, I love alliterations?). Since I haven’t figured out yet how to do exactly what I want to do for “Services”, I’ll go for the “Songs”. I mean, after all, that’s just a matter of finding, copying and pasting. Right?

Soooooooo, what song shall start this Sunday Song section?

Hmm, I could try to find one about fathers (since it’s father’s day), but for me that won’t be so easy.
I was going to pick a song I use to like that has a father in the video, but that one just didn’t seem right.
Then, off to side of that video, I found the one I’m picking to kick things off.

It’s an old song.
It’s a secular song.
It’s a sad song.
It’s an eye candy song (Yes, I *heart* Brett… still)

Get out your box of tissue and sing along…

Something to Believe In
By Poison



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