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A Cry For Help June 14, 2008

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Oh the day started off so well…

I had been tracking my order online and knew IT would be here today.

IT…. IT …… *sigh*

Today IT did arrive. My new Video Card is here!
Now, it’s not top of the line, but it is several steps up from my old card.
It is a NVIDIA 7series. *sigh* Yes, I have seen the 960, but my machine is not ready for something that droolable. (Droolable: Something that makes you drool; Desirable)

Still, the 7 is much better than than the 4 I had that I thought was a 6. *blushes*

Anyhow, enough babbling. Let’s get to the “HELP!!” part….

I disconnected every thing, pulled the system out, yelled at myself for the amount of dust I found back there, cleaned off area I keep system and the tower itself…..
I opened up my baby, cleaned the inside, removed the old card, put in the new card…
*skip over embarrassing step*
… try to connect power supply to video card and run into a problem…
The wires are not long enough; it does not reach!

I notice that there is room for another hard drive between the one I have and the new card…
I remove the hard drive, move it over one space, put it back in and connector still does not reach! I’m about a 1/2 inch shy of connecting.
I have moved those wires and connectors around, I have untied wire holders, and I have whined. None of which accomplished me being able to use my new video card.

*takes a deep breathe*

Any suggestions?
I am considering a new power supply…
I have wondered if there is a little wire “extension cord” of sorts….
Do you know? Is there such a thing? Does it work? Is a new power supply the ONLY way to go?
How do I get another half to one inch length between connectors from my power supply?
What guarantee is there that a new power supply will meet my needs?
And what man designed this power supply? I mean really!!

*sigh of exasperation*



1. sweetiegirlz - June 14, 2008

I’d help but I don’t know what a video card is…hahahaha. I would venture to say tho, that anything, ANY thing is probably on the tech market tho. Circuit city? Best buy? Geek squad….

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