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Another one bites the dust June 6, 2008

Posted by L in Life, Random.


No, seriously, WOW!

JJ got married.


I mean, I’m happy for him. And I probably shouldn’t have used him the way I did… Now, wait. Don’t go off me yet! You don’t even know how I used him!
He was my escape. Yup, I used him in my mind. When I would things would get hard financially I would sometimes think of running away with him.
See, bad. Very very bad. But not as bad as actually using him using him.

See, once upon a time, JJ and I were almost married.
This is probably why he was so quick to marry this new girl.
Anyhow, that was years and years and years ago. We have been friends for a long time. I give him advice, he tells me how good it is, I smile, then he goes on completely ignoring what I say. Then, he calls me, upset, and I repeat advice and he says I was/am right.
Our friendship is a good thing.

We will still be friends. I am happy for him, yet a bit sadden.
I hope this marriage is everything he dreamed… even if it means I have to revise my backup plan again.

(Okay, okay, so if I really did suddenly become single, I would not have married JJ due to different faith foundations, but still, it’s nice to have thought there was that option if I ever did find myself single again.)

Anyhow, my dear friend, my “if only” dreamer, my money-trouble-back-up-plan, my friend who I know better than he knows himself… I do wish you only the best. I hope that your marriage stands the test of time. I do wish you and her all the best. And I do hope that listen to my advice from today.
Welcome to the fold, Mrs. JJ.



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