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We are sick? June 4, 2008

Posted by L in Family, Life.
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Interesting thing happened today.

Son and I have been using the ol’ inhaler a lot lately. So, I called up his doctor to get him seen, listened to, and get a refill on his inhaler.
We went to the appointment. The doctor and the boy did their thing. Dr. listened, son breathed. Dr. listened some more. Son breathed some more. This went on and on for several minutes. Inhale, exhale hard. Inhale deep, let it out. Again…. Again….
Dr. W turns to me and asks “Has he been running a fever?”
Odd question for an Asthma check up. “Not that I know of…. He’s not been sick.” See, if a child is not showing signs or offering complains of illness, I rarely just whip out the thermometer and say “I know. Let’s have some family bonding and compare temperatures!”

Thankfully I did not kick into snotty-hormonal-overdrive and say this out loud.

It turns out Son has pneumonia!!
What the….. He doesn’t even act sick!!

There are two kinds of pneumonia… One where you are very very sick and one where you don’t really seem so sick. Guess which one Son has…

Sooooo, this changes my day slightly. I was just going to get a refill on my inhaler until this diagnosis. But now, oh now I have to be listened to too. We have gone from a call in for a refill to an actual doctor’s appoint.
They had a cancellation and if I can get there in the next few minutes, they can see me. Great. That works since my doctor’s office is just a couple of blocks from the children’s doctor’s office.

I get there in time. I do my thing with my doctor…. breathe, listen, breathe, listen…
“No pneumonia…” GREAT! I didn’t have to be seen…… What? Hold on…. He’s not done talking “… You have bronchitis.”
What the…. I don’t even act sick!

Son and I walked away with 2 prescriptions each – 1 inhaler and 1 antibiotic.
Son goes back in 2 weeks and I return as needed.

So, what we thought was going to be simple inhaler refills turned out to be pneumonia and bronchitis.
Who knew?



1. sweetiegirlz - June 4, 2008

Sometimes using a lot of inhaler is for a rotten reason lurking. Glad you all caught it before you guys really did feel worse. Feel better.(((hugs)))

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