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Thanks Sweetie May 31, 2008

Posted by L in Family, General, Random.
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Last night I was swelling. It happens. So, I took a couple of benny (my code name for antihistamine) before bed. No big deal, as I said, it happens. I made a comment to Hubby that in the morning he can wake up when the children get up and I’ll stay in bed. I’m often worse the morning after a night of benny than I am regular mornings. And on regular morning, I’m not that good to begin with!

Well, needless to say, Daughter came into my room and woke me up. Another spider.

Yup, I am the one who got up.
I am doing better than I usually do though.
I have not bitten anyone’s head off yet.

Anyhow, so I’m up for the morning. I do my morning stuff while waking up.
Instead of opening a newpaper, I check email and my bloglines.
Sweetiegirlz posts this.
Well, what else is one to do but grab their lipstick and camera?

That’s right. I headed off to the bedroom armed with my weapons of revenge for sleeping when I should be smiling. I get almost to the bed when who should open his eyes and catch me with camera around my neck but The Man himself. *sigh* I was caught! I backed out of the room as he called me back to bed… I quickly laid down my gear and walked back into the room looking innocent. He made a comment about having a camera while I feigned ignorance.

He only saw the camera… And he was falling back asleep….

Now it the challenge is on.
I must have a photo like Sweetie’s – only with my hubby instead. It’ll be great to have for blackmail revenge laughs memories.

Thank you Sweetie for the idea.



1. sweetiegirlz - May 31, 2008

welcome L. We couldn’t stop laughing. :-0 even when he woke up and I said, “Honey, what’s that on your lips”

even when I told him “there’s a great picture”

and when I told him it was going on my blog.

I could see HIS revenge wheels turning in his head.

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