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No More Chips May 30, 2008

Posted by L in General, Life.

So last night as I was getting ready for bed, I was mind-blogging.

(Mind-blogging: 1. The process of thinking of your next blog entry. 2. Writing, in your mind, a really great post for a blog when you are no where near a computer that you will most likely not remember later.)

I was thinking about what I would include in my post this morning. Just general topics (This would fall under definition 1.) Amoung the thoughts were confessing that I have been eating too much lately. Not just as in eating too much supper, but the bad kind of eating. I was going to confess that I have been having chips or ice cream a lot lately. Often at night before bed. I was going to make a note for Mist, in case she read the entry, to not worry. I didn’t fall completely in to old “habits”. I was going to try to figure out why I’ve been doing this and comment on how it does not help my sugar, my thyroid, metabolism or my hips. I was going to post about walking and maybe even start using the other blog (about meals & movement).
Then, some time this morning, I woke up…. I was having another dream about Jesus returning soon and the end times…. I woke up with pain… A tightening of sorts… a bit more than a ache… all around my left, um, er, side…..

So, either I need to take better care of myself NOW or I need to stop eating those fiery habanero chips before bed.

I’m still a bit ache there still. Like a tight muscle or something… Like a cramp!
I so hope it’s now growing pains!



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