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Software? What software? May 29, 2008

Posted by L in General, Life.

In 2005 I purchased the world’s bestest camera eva!
Okay, okay… Fine… Let me try that again.
*clears throat*
In 2005 I purchased a camera I liked and received a good deal on it.
It came with some lovely software that I attempted (and failed) to install. The software and my then computer fought. They, for whatever reason, were simply not compatible.

No big deal. I have other ways to get the pictures off the camera. I do. Honestly.

Fast forward to last night.

Last night another lady and I took pictures. “Ste” asked if we could email them….. that night. I commented that if I did, they would be huge. I usually just copy pictures off my disk onto my computer. When they are emailed, they turn into photographs a Happy Green Giant would say “Nice Poster” too. They are huge!
So, the other lady (her official name for this post) says “This is what I do….”
Then it dawns on me…. DUH! Try the software!
Yup, I’ve had a new computer for about 1 1/2 years now and have not installed the old camera software!

So, here I sit. Blogging and, you guessed it, finally installing the camera software!
Maybe it’ll have a nice “email” function that cuts pictures down to a normal size.



1. sweetiegirlz - May 29, 2008

if not, L, go to http://www.phixr.com. It’s a free online photoshop that does cut down pics and then you can save the smaller versions on your computer. It does way more other awesome stuff too!

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