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Busy Day and Lazy Ways May 28, 2008

Posted by L in General.
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Another busy day.
This is becoming the norm. I don’t want the “norm” to be busy. I’m lazy person. Honestly!

What have I got to do today? Well, since you asked… I have to take hubby to pt and ot and take the children to different events tonights.
Also, I need to try to get paper work done and phone calls made. (Yeah, I thought I was done too. Turned out to just be a break. It was a nice break though.)

Okay, in writing it doesn’t look like much. But it is. Really it is.
See, you have to factor in time and distance and … and… it is a lot I tell ya!!!

Plus, I want to sit here all day watch for my bird.
The neighbors moved out and seemed to have left a cat behind. I haven’t seen my bird in days. I want to “catch” it if it comes out (not literally catch, but rather photograph – or at least see – it.) so that I know the cat didn’t eat it. But, that is a story for another post… even though I just told you most of it.

I suppose I can look on the bright side.
Last time hubby was at pt, I had what I call “the sleepies” (sleep-pees). So, I put my head down on the couch and slept. Right there, in the middle of the day, on the couch, in an entry way of the hospital, just outside the rehab doors. No one bothered me. No one check on me. I slept.
And Hubby busted me too. Yup, it’s true. I woke to find him standing there smiling at me. Caught!

So, the bright side of today being another busy day…
I can still get in a nap!

See? ‘Told ya I’m lazy!



1. sweetiegirlz - May 28, 2008

What kind of bird is it? A wild bird or a pet that got loose? My next door neighbor has 2 bird feeders, and the amount of beautiful birds that come there are amazing. It’s too bad the neighbors abandoned their kitty, that’s mean!

2. L - May 28, 2008

The one I am watching for is Woodpecker… He’s wild, but I might name him any way. Yup, you guessed it… His name shall be Woody!

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