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Open Letter #1 May 27, 2008

Posted by L in General, Letters, Random.

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I would like to thank you for visiting my blog in the last 24 hours and leaving your “comment”. It has raised my stats to the highest readership yet. A total of 10 hits in one day. I do feel like I am heading towards the big times now. Double diggit hits in one day. I haven’t had that since I retired my old blog. Thank you.

In addition to pumping up my stats, you have added to my blog-spam box. This gives me yet another “box” to check. I was not quite busy enough with my various email in-boxes and spam-boxes. So, this too is a bonus.

Even as I delete your bot-reply, my smiles grows at “caught ## spam”.
“Yes!” I think to myself “I have caught spam!” I imagine the feeling of pride is something akin to spending a day on the river and coming home with a line full of fish. If only I could figure out how to gut the spam and feed it to the feral cats that torment the wild the birds outside my window. Then, my day would indeed be complete.

So with that lovely thought, I shall sign off. Wishing you computer crashes and bot-malfunctions.

Thank you, once again, for the new high on my hits radar.

Sincerely and Sarcastically,



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