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Gatherings May 26, 2008

Posted by L in Family, General, Life, Random.

It’s true.
I am not a people person.

Oh sure, one on one, I’m fine.
I have also learned to handle small groups.

Large family gatherings, on my side, I can handle… sometimes…. in moderation.

Today I am going to the in-laws.
Brother-in-law (bil), his wife, their 3 children.  Sister-in-law (sil) from out of state, her husband, their 2 children.  Mother-in-law (mil), Father-in-law (fil).  Hubby, our 2 children, and myself.

That’s 15 people.
All in one place.

Some people love situations like this – like bil’s wife.
Some people are cringing with me.

The really odd thing?
Even though I didn’t “live well with other people”,
I don’t remember having this problem when I was younger.
I didn’t mind parties.  I didn’t mind clubbing.
I didn’t mind concerts at all. Rather enjoyed them.
I still go to the store. Malls. Church.
Occasionally, for a limited time, gatherings on my side.
Various other things where there are groups of people.
In laws though…. *shivers*

Why is that?

(no time to proof read- please forgive any mistakes)



1. lunenoirci - May 26, 2008

Why, you ask?
That’s the million dollar question.

Personally, I’m one of the ones cringing right along with you.

I’ve never been a people person because most people don’t understand why I like the things I like, so I ended up being very independent at an early age. For me, the reasons to avoid social gatherings vary from not being too fond of other people’s children (extremely hard since I have an older niece and my brother’s twins that, though they are very cute, are difficult for me to understand why everyone goes so crazy over them), not wanting to really see my sil’s family because they aren’t mine, general anxiety about seeing faces I don’t usually–or have never–seen, and the desire to be doing something better with my time.

Then again, this is coming from someone who took off on her friend’s wedding because she ddin’t want to see 400+ people that she didn’t know…

2. L - May 27, 2008

Thank you for commenting, lunenoirci.

Maybe you’ve hit on something there… I also was very independent at a very early age. Although I “knew” a lot of people, I didn’t maintain long term friendships until I was quite a bit older. Even then they are often tentative with breaks that range from days to over a year.

I’m not sure what this says about me, but I can understand about the wedding situation you mentioned. To be honest, I am not sure what I would do in that same situation. I suppose it would depend on if it was a general invitation or a request to be a part of the event.

Oh, and for the record… I did survive yesterday at the in-laws.

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