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The Return of True Love May 15, 2008

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Yes, my love has returned.
Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was forced to either go to great lengths to have my love be a part of my life, or give up the sweet joy that can only be found in the moments when one takes in the very contents found within the firmness of what one holds in their hands into one’s mouth.
Yes, I am talking about a bottle of SoBe Lean. Mmmmm.

Oh, don’t look at me like that!

Every word is true.

See, I happen to be a SoBe addict. Ask anyone. I love the SoBe. However, the regular SoBe has too much sugar for my system to handle (although I have been known to down one now and then anyhow… ). Although I do miss some of the delicious full sugar flavors, I found the Lean to be quite the suitable replacement.
There were 5 flavors…
Green Tea (too sweet for me, taste wise)
Peach Tea (learned to like that one)
Mango Melon (Yum!)
Energy (helped me out many a days)
Grapefruit (went round and round about this one)

See, I live in a rather rural area. Small town-r-us kind of area.
I talked to the “Pepsi Man” about bringing more SoBe Lean to the store and what flavors I wanted.
I wanted to the Grapefruit – he said there was no such thing.
I wanted the fruity one (mango) – he said they stopped making it.
I told him I’ve been to the website.
He said the warehouse he comes out of doesn’t have it and he can’t order it.
I found the Grapefruit at a new fast-food fountain for a short time… I used this to prove to The Pepsi Guy that there is such a flavor. He said the fountain canisters must be ordered from somewhere else. Maybe the chain warehouse?

Then, as time when on, his warehouse only carried the Green Tea and the Peach Tea. It seems once I finished off the Energy, they couldn’t – or didn’t – order more. It was then I learned to like the like the Peach Tea. Soon though, The Pepsi Guy delivered the devastating news…
They were no longer carrying SoBe Lean.

Was it my fault? I had hit some hard times and had to give it up for a couple of weeks… maybe a month or two … Was it my fault? He said he guessed the sales weren’t high enough.

So, I either had to travel several hours, and into another state, to get my fix, switch to non-lean and have all those around me deal with me on too much sugar, or give it up.

I gave it up, with a tearful good-bye, I even stopped visiting the website.
People on various boards would still make references to me and the SoBe, but it wasn’t the same. Pretending to have SoBe on the computer chat board was a poor substitute for the real thing. Oh, how I missed feeling that firm cold glass bottle filled with goodness in my hand. How my taste buds longed for it’s liquid satisfaction…

Then, the other day, I was walking through a grocery store I rarely visit in another town and The Pepsi Guy walks by me. I glanced at him, then back at whatever product on the shelf I was looking at before I looked away. He then walked backwards a few steps to talk to me.
“You know, SoBe Lean has a new flavor out. I order some for the other store and should be there in a couple of days.”
Oh the joy! Oh the excitement. I smiled and thank him and made plans to sell the tv to buy SoBe…

Sure enough, true to his word, there was a new SoBe Lean in store!
I bought 2 without even selling the television! One to share and one to hoard for myself.

Now, I must say that the Blackberry Current is not my favorite flavor. It is not bad, but it’s not my favorite. However, consume I will because when you are in love, you take what you can get.

Now, I just have to talk to the new owners of the old store and see what kind of discount I can get for buying by the case……



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