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Changes May 15, 2008

Posted by L in Uncategorized.

It is amazing how fast things can change.
Yes. I know. I’ve said before, but I’m saying it again.
It is amazing how life can change in the blink of an eye.
One minute you are joking about cookies, the next you are on the way to the hospital.
One minute you are making a left turn on a green arrow, the next you are in need of help.
One minute you are running in near a swing set, the next you are on your way to the nurse’s office.
One minute your friend has you by the arm playing, the next you are crying in pain.
One minute you are a happy, the next you are given devastating news about a loved one.
And you always think “it” won’t happen to you… whatever “it” is.

That’s just the thing though. “It” can happen to you.
Young. Old. Happy. Sad. Easy or hard life. Married or single.
It does not matter.

“It” can happen to you. To your spouse. To your child. To your parent. To your friend.
Are you prepared?



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