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Blah May 13, 2008

Posted by L in Random.

We have more rain coming in.
That would not be a problem if I did not have places to drive tomorrow. See, I love the rain, but I do not like driving in it.

I am battling a headache. That’s nothing new, just a warning. Hopefully I’ll win this time as I have to much to do to deal with sounds and sun being a problem.

Yes, this is a post made just to whine. Why do you ask?

I’m hot and cold and on the tail end of my cold/flu/whatever-it-is.

My dreams have been sticking with me. Meaning, instead of saying “That was odd” and then forgetting them as the day goes on, parts are just like “Hey, remember me? Yup, that image was in your dream too”

Yes, I know, I’m odd.

I think the stress of how we are paying bills this month is starting to weigh on me. I try to keep it hidden but really, I think it’s starting to stress me out. I know things will work out, I just don’t know HOW.

I took today OFF. After I took the children to school, I came home and slept. Then I woke up and ate junk and watch “t.v.” (network shows on line). Afterwards, it was time to pick up the children. While they were off in their rooms, I relaxed and played in the computer virtual world. Now I’m making dinner and using my whiny voice. Maybe after some supper I’ll be better?

Oh, by the way, the junk I had was FAB-U-LOUS! It was like Pico. Mmmmm.

Well, the electricity just tried to go out, so I better post before I lose this… and then have to complain about that.




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