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Headlines – 2008 05 08 May 8, 2008

Posted by L in Headlines.

On my homepage I, like probably millions of others, have “headlines”. One of the feeds is from a well known source (CNN.com).
One headline reads “Incest dad upset at media ‘monster’ image”
Another reads “Incest dad: I cared for my secret family”

Ok, well, let me just said from what I read, he started abusing this girl at what? age 11? Then he locks her up for 24 years and fathers several children, one that did not survive so her burnt the body. Chalk it up to fear?
This was not just a “secret family” This was HIS OWN DAUGHTER!!
It is not that he didn’t care for his “secret family”, it’s that it was a forced secret family with his own child that makes him appear a “monster” in the media.

Is it just me who sees things this way?!?



1. sweetiegirlz - May 11, 2008

He’s a classic sociapath. They don’t see what they do, only what others do to them.

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