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Ramdom Thoughts May 6, 2008

Posted by L in Random.

I have finally decided on a photo hosting site for my oldest (and up to this point unused) wordpress blog. I re-sized some photos a day or two ago. My plan is to finally upload and post them. I only told an old blog friend (from a former blog) that I’d her let her see them ….. oh, probably a YEAR or so ago. I know, I’m so baaaaad! I won’t even mention that it’s not all of the pictures I told her I’d post. *sigh* Nope, ain’t tellin’ ya that. Uh-uh!

I feel like I am finally seeing an end to all the paper work that has been my life the last few weeks. I’m a little scared to get my hopes up about this though. Each day, the threat of a new thick envelope exists. Eeek!

I use Bloglines to read blogs. I really should organize it a bit. It’s as uncategorized as an interactive-web-game-inventory!

It’s a dreary day out, but I enjoy dreary days. I suppose it’s because I can find comfort in the rain (unless I have to drive it, of course).

Still struggling with the whole menu thing, hence the lack of posts there.
Haven’t been posting my studies either. Wait, that’s deceptive… I haven’t been studying like I should so I haven’t been posting my studies.
I need to update the blog on Hubby too.
And finish the “Other Places” page here.
And get the oldest blog set up.
I’m blog-spread-out. And a bad lazy blogger at that!
Oh, and if that’s not enough, I have “game-blog” under my “game-name” that is neglected because I’m almost never there (in game/world) anymore.

Ooh, but I have found some new blogs that I enjoy. One of writers even said she wanted to read my blog. Yes, do pray for her. (Shout out to Sweetiegirlz) She knows not what she’s getting herself into.
Hmmm, is it wrong to shout out to someone before you give them your address? *laughs*

Okay, okay, I did have straight carbs/starch for lunch. Why do ask?

I guess while I’m all wound up and silly I’ll get busy finishing up stuff around the blog-world.

And I think I will pay myself a quarter for every time I typed the word “blog” in this post and buy myself a pint of Beny & Jerry’s. Oh, how I love them boys! Have you tried their Imagine Whirled Peace? Yu-um!



1. sweetiegirlz - May 6, 2008

thnx for the shoutz “L” I love Ben and Jerrys! What’s in whirled peace? I love Willie Nelson’s Peach cobbler. So far that is my favorite. It used to be Cherry Garcia. Good luck with the blog organizing.

2. L - May 8, 2008

What’s in Imagine Whirled Peace? Oohhh, goodness. It contains pure goodness!
Or, more specifically “Caramel & Sweet Cream Ice Creams Swirled with Fudge Peace Signs & Toffee Cookie Pieces”

As for Cherry Garcia.. I think that one may have been the cause of my last ice cream intervention. *nods* I just remember having the container in my hand, empty, little bits of cherry between my teeth and my family circling me saying “L, put the spoon down. It will be okay……”

*Disclaimer Note: The above comment regarding an ice cream intervention may or may not be true. Regardless, never approach a woman on a Ben & Jerry’s high in an attempt to take the container away. It could be hazardous to your health.*

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