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Only Me May 1, 2008

Posted by L in Family, Life.

After having had enough of excuses and such from The Man….

After talking with a dear friend (shout out to MH) and being encouraged to nicely, calmly, and with a smile confront The Man….

After a certain situation….

After thinking things over….

…I confronted the man in my no-nonsense cold but caring (or so I thought) way.
I let him have it! – in a totally understanding way, of course.
He did not have anything to say really. He just got up and got ready to go to our appointment.
He is the quiet type. He was mulling it over. Or at least that is what I told myself.

We’re just about ready to leave and he asks why he feels funny……………………………………………….

*Sigh* Turns out he’s not been feeling right since Tuesday. I almost felt guilty for laying into him. Actually I think did feel guilty, but that soon passed. That wasn’t reason for his behavior. I’m not a mind reader. Communication needs to be there for recovery. Also, that does not explain before Tuesday.
Still though, leave it to me to verbally rip into him and then have to get him to the doctor.



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