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Crazy week April 18, 2008

Posted by L in Family, Life.

To say this has been a crazy week might be a bit of an understatement.

Hubby had given notice at his job.
Thursday his truck tipped while he was driving down a highway in Texas.
His back was sore, bruised, had a lump, a bump above his eye, injured ankle and various cuts and bruises.
As of Saturday he was unemployed and due to start a new job Friday.
By Sunday his bumped turned into a black eye and bending over or touching his back in that one area was still painful. The bruise on his back was more visible.
Tuesday night I took him to the ER because of slurred speech, where they flew him to another hospital.
We arrived home last night and slept until late today. We have an appointment with our “regular doctor” Monday for follow up from his Tuesday night TIA/Stroke. Hopefully we will get better answer than what we have so far.

What answers do we have, you ask? Well, most questions were met with a lot of “I don’t know”s.
They found some issues that have to be addressed now.
Did this happen because of the accident? Only the Lord knows at this point.
Will he fully recover or is the damage permanent? They don’t know.
They all mentioned that he is too young to be there with the symptoms he had, but cannot tell why they happened… I don’t think they even know for sure what happened!

They say he had a TIA. But from what I read (yeah, online), TIA’s are usually less than 5 minutes in duration, most often lasting 1 minute. His lasted much longer. Add to that, at the point of typing this, he is not fully back to his old self. So, TIA or Stroke? Maybe we’ll find out Monday.

Anyhow, between the wreck and the TIA, his starting new job to having no income, from wondering how we’ll get by a couple of weeks with no income to wondering how we’re going to (financially) make it from day to day… all in one week.

Yeah, this has been crazy week all right…



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